The Doorway to Joe: Harold Interviews Joe Coleman

The Doorway to Joe: Harold Interviews Joe Coleman

July 12, 2018

Hosted by The Green-Wood Cemetery and Morbid Anatomy

“If P.T. Barnum had hired Breughel or Bosch to paint sideshow banners they might have resembled the art of Joe Coleman.” – The New York Times

“Terrible things happen in Joe Coleman’s paintings. Flesh rots. Sores weep. The flames of hell burn brightly. Perversion runs rampant. Things fall apart: Bodies. Cities. The whole social order. Yet there’s beauty here, too: The colors dazzle, the detail astounds. And a stalwart symmetry surrounds his aberrant images, a symmetry born of both faith and fear” – Nancy Shulins, Associated Press

Renowned iconoclast and painter Joe Coleman sits down for a conversation with Harold Schechter, professor of American literature and popular culture at CUNY’s Queens College. A book signing and festive reception follow the talk.

This program is presented in partnership with Green-Wood Cemetery

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